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Frequently Asked Questions

  • To register as a User is easy and Free and allows you to use the Online Ordering System.
  • Fill in the Create New Account form. You can access this form from the 'Create New Account' Link under the User Login form on the left of the page.
  • You will be sent an email to confirm your registration - follow the instructions in this email.
  • Once you have confirmed the registration you will be able to log in and use the Online order system.
  • Very easily, simply:
    • browse our Artefact Catalogue using the navigation on the left
    • search for your items using 'Quick Search' or 'Advanced Search'
  • Select the product you are interested in
    ordering_1select product
  • Click the 'Add to list' Button.
  • Enter a quantity and click 'Update list'.
    change quantity
  • To continue adding items click 'Continue shopping', use Search or continue browsing the catalogue.
    continue shopping for artefacts
  • At any point you can view your list by clicking the link '|View list|' in the left side bar.
    veiw list of artefacts
  • To submit your list fill in the form below your list and click 'Request Quotation'.
    submit request
  • Once we receive your request we will process it and reply via email. Please note that, as yet, not all our Artefacts are on the website (that is coming soon). Based on your request and stock availability, we will compile you a selection and send you an image reference and quotation. You can then make your final choice.
  • Advanced Search allows you to filter your search results. You can pre-enter search filters into one or all of the filter categories. For example:
    • searching for items with word 'Basket' in the Title with Category 'All' selected will search all Artefacts.
    • searching for items with word 'Basket' in the Title with Category 'Container' selected will search Artefacts within the 'Container' category.
  • All filters entered are applied. For example:
    • searching for items with word 'Ethiopian' in the Title and 'Bask' in the 'Item code' with Category 'Container' selected will search all Ethiopian Baskets in 'Container'.
  • 'Show All' will clear all search filters and display a list of all Artefacts.
  • Start by typing word or code into one of the boxes.
  • A list will build dynamically, from that list select the product you require.
  • Click search and you will be taken to the search result page.